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DIGIEVER NVR to expand storage capacity

DIGIARRAY DA-4000E is an external storage expansion unit for DIGIEVER NVR series. It satisfies customers’ request of higher storage need. One DIGIEVER NVR can connect up to 2 DIGIARRAY units that can easily expend up to 8 HDDs and up to 48TB for recording files. With more storage, users can have more flexibility to optimize camera resolution, frame rates, image quality and record for a longer period of time.

Robust scalability up to 24 TB
One DIGIARRAY can expand up to 24TB storage capacity with 4 hard disk trays. Each hard disk tray supports up to 6TB capacity. In addition, one DIGIAVER NVR can be connected up to 2 DIGIARRAY units and 8 HDDs in total.

Multi-volume storage management
DIGIARRAY adopts multi-volume technology to create a whole new storage space for DIGIEVER NVR. Multi-volume storage management will combine all RAID units to DIGIEVER IP surveillance ecosystem, DIGIEVER NVR and DIGIARRAY, to efficiently reserve your important data.

Multi-volume offers an innovative way to easily expand your storage capacity without moving original recorded videos. DIGIARRAY is the most ideal solution to increase your storage capacity. Extending storage capacity via DIGIARRAY, NVR IP surveillance system can still operate as normal without any interruption of daily usual tasks.

Rock-solid hardware RAID
Varenr: DA-4000E
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