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DIGISTOR NVR Upgrade License

Additional licenses to upgrade NVR to a larger model in the same series

Licens opgradering applies from Firmware v. or newer.

Information we need to know to upgrade the NVR (Information are on the label on the NVR):

  • NVR Model:
  • S/N:
  • MAC 1:
  • MAC 2:

Here you can upgrade the NVR to a larger model in the same series as the one you have. Note: you can only upgrade to one of the same models in the same series.


If you have a DS-2105Pro series (5-Channel NVR) and want to have this upgraded to the next size in the same series, which is a (9-channel NVR), u need 4 x Licenses.

If you want to upgrade DS-2105Pro Series, to the largest model in this series (DS-2136Pro, 36 channel NVR), you need 31 licenses.

Note that you can max upgrade to the largest model in the same series NVR model you have.

DIGISTOR NVR Licenser 1-Ch Ektra Licenser / kanaler til DIGISTOR NVR
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