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3 x RJ45.

Input 300m. Output 300m. 10Mbps.

ACORID Ext Switch series network booster is a high reliability and low cost broad band Ethernet transport equipment, designed using the latest technology acorid. It has been decided to extend 10M Ethernet to 300 meters or 600 meters, which deals with the situation of high cost but low popularization at the beginning of wide band design.
EC213 series is the 3 ports and mini size network booster, which adopts the owned patent Hyper Trans-LRE Long-Reacher Ethernet) Ethernet driving technology and IEEE 802.3, this model provids the code of lead forming, symmetry and scope of compensation. Re-enabling signal to prevent the signal jitter is known of the cable, will not be accumulated in multiple segments. It detects that the incomplete data pack or conflict and produce a block signal to enhance this discovery. Finally separate these ports (babbling) that have problems securing network normal. The transport port has digital pre-distortion function, it compensates the inherent signal strength attenuation of twisted pair cable, the longest network segment of each twisted pair cable is 305 meters (adoption of the shield RJ 45 connector, UTP or STP electrical cables) Link one complete function to confirm the second segment network card or booster already worked normally.

Ethernet Interface
Connector : RJ45
Data rate : 10Mpbs
Duplex mode : Half / Full duplex
Cable type : 10Base-T Cat.5,6, UTP,
Cable length: Shielded UTP cable:150 meters
Non-Shielded UTP cable:300 meters
Standard: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u
LEDs: Power, Link, speed
Power DC 12V In,
Dimensions 90X78X29
Weight 255g
Humidity: 10~90% non-co densing
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS
Electromagnetic sensitivity c-tick:CE mark,commercialESD:IEC801-2,
level 2/3
MTBF 10,000 h (250C)


3 pcs. In stock3 pcs. In stock
Manufacturer: Acorid
Product No. EC213