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Intelligent WIFI Power Management NETIO4 - Black model - DE 90-250V

Robust aluminum body, four remotely controllable Shuko sockets interface for Internet connection (RJ-45).
NETIO 4 is a smart power strip that can be connected to networks with LAN or Wifi and has four 230V / 10A sockets. Each outlet can be individually turned on or off with a mobile app (Android / iOS) or in a web interface. Unique to NETIO's smart outlet is that they can be controlled from third-party applications and cloud services. NETIO supports most M2M API protocols, IoT and Industry 4.0 applications.
• Power supply: 1 x Euro connector 0.85m (15A) / 230V AC
• Socket: 4 x Schuko connector
• Measurement: No
• Communication: 1x LAN + 1x WiFi
• NETIO 4 smart power strips can be used as a wireless access point (Wifi AP).
The schedule function can switch off and on each outlet individually on predetermined weekdays and times. Delayed shutdown prevents fuses from releasing when all equipment starts up after a power failure.
The Watchdog feature can monitor a device on the network to re-ping the device and restart it in the absence of a response. Ideal for radio links or IP cameras.
NETIO 4x meets high security requirements for network communication. NETIO 4 supports HTTPs security for configuration and for some M2M API protocols. In other cases, IP address filters can be used.
Each individual socket on the NETIO 4 smart socket can be switched on and off via any of the following eight M2M API protocols:
• SNMP v1 / v3 protocol, e.g. for data centers / data centers / server rooms • HTTP CGI mail, eg to turn monitor cameras on and off
• XML via http / https for IT systems
• JSON via http / https for Web services
• MQTT for cloud services (eg MS Azure)
• Telnet for simple applications
• SIP (VoIP) to control outlets via telephone
• Modbus / TCP, the most widely used industrial protocol A unique feature of NETIO 4 / 4All / 4C smart power strips is that they can be programmed via the web interface using scripts written with the Luas programming language. The manufacturer regularly publishes application descriptions with guides.
• LAN: 1x RJ45
• WiFi: Yes
• Online demo: http: //netio-4.netio-products ....
• Web: Embedded web server
• Mobile app: Yes (iOS / Android)
• Control buttons: Yes
• M2M API protocol: SNMP v1 / v3, Telnet, CGI (http get), Modbus / TCP, • SIP M2M API - HTTP (s): XML, JSON
• M2M API - Cloud: MQTT
• Support for Lua: yes (user script) Schema function: Yes
• IP WatchDog function: Yes
• Send email: Yes (TLS)
• Support for WiFi AP (access point): Yes
• Security: Multiple password levels, HTTPS, IP filtering
• Mains connection: 1x European plug 0.85m (15A) / 230V AC
• Outlet: 4x 230V / 10A
• Internal consumption: Max 4.1W
• Fuse: Yes
• Measuring power consumption: No
• Surge protection: Yes - 4x
• Mechanical properties: Metal enclosure, 340 x 58 x 90 mm
• Mounting: Wall or rack mounting (with mounting angles)
• Audio output: Yes
• Temperature range: 0 ° C to +50 ° C
8 pcs. In stock8 pcs. In stock
Manufacturer: Netio
Product No. NETIO4-DE-B
EAN: 8594185580027

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