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PIMA SmartView Color PIR/Camera

SmartView is a wireless PIR motion detector with a built-in VGA high-quality color camera. Offered as part of the AlarmView wireless security system, the SmartView camera enables the transmission of high-quality color images for remote visual verification during alarms.

On arming the security system, each PIR/camera saves a pre-alarm image. Once an alarm is triggered, three images are transmitted: Pre-alarm, the alarm-event and post alarm. 

A unique ‘matched field-of view’ feature guarantees full alignment of the camera's coverage with that of the PIR sensor, to eliminate dead zones.

Key features
Fast alarm & image transmission to the central monitoring station (CMS) and end user’s phone/mail
Remote look-in, with a single image for selected camera sent per request
Two-way, encrypted wireless link, (2.4GHz, FHSS)
Low power technology for rapid image acquisition
Powerful flash for low-light conditions
Outstanding battery life with easy replacement
Matched field-of view for PIR/camera identical coverage
High-quality day & night color images
Fast and easy installation

28 pcs. In stock28 pcs. In stock
Manufacturer: PIMA
Product No. 8812001