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VAST VMS CMS Software and Dongle incl. 32 Free Camera Licenser, and Matrix Video Wall

Vivotek CMS / VMS og Matrix
This is Vivotek's professional VAST VMS CMS package incl. 32 Free Camera licenses.
In addition, if you need more camera license, then please choose the number of camera licenses you need beside the basic package, under the VAST Camera licenses.

VIVOTEK VAST is the professional video / central management software designed for managing all VIVOTEK IP surveillance products with intuitive functions and numerous features. It supports hundreds of cameras and ONVIF Camera and stations in a hierarchical structure of system for monitoring, recording, playback and event trigger management with ease-of-use and efficient control. Moreover, VAST also offers the video wall solution, VAST Matrix, for hundreds of cameras live view monitoring.

VAST integrates VIVOTEK network cameras to provide diverse solutions and applications, such as seamless recording with the cameras for uninterrupted video recording and Panoramic PTZ for 360 ° seamless surveillance solution. VAST performs remote management with full range of the server & client structure and constitutes a robust system for various applications, such as stores, banking and the public space.

* VAST provides two installation versions, including the Free Standard Version (32-CH, support VIVOTEK Cameras) and Trial Version (256-CH, support VIVOTEK & ONVIF Cameras).

* The Trial Version will become to the Free Version after 60 days. Users can purchase the license to remove the limitation.

Note: the software license cannot replace the hardware dongle, these are two separate types of license.

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Manufacturer: Vivotek